About Kalamazoo Art League

Art League and KIA

  • Art League by-laws are posted here; they define our role at the KIA.
  • All members of the Art League must first be members of the KIA.
  • All members of the KIA are eligible to join Art League.
  • Our tagline reflects our history: Serving the KIA, our members and the community since 1955.

Art League

  • Dues are valid for 12 months beginning each July and ending on June 30.
  • Dues fund the annual lecture series.
  • The first lecture sponsored by the ladies who later formed Art League was designed to “set the tone” for excellence. The speaker was Diego Rivera!
  • The lecture season schedule alternates to avoid conflict with Gilmore Keyboard Festival.
  • Member admission to the lecture series is free.
  • Member benefits include occasional members-only events.
  • Members receive discounts on all depARTures.
  • Members receive quarterly issues of FOCUS newsletter.

Art League’s Mission Statement and Diversity Statement help govern our direction and outreach.

MISSION: We fund, organize, and sponsor an annual lecture series and other activities to promote understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of the visual arts.

DIVERSITY: We value and actively support diversity and inclusion on the Board, in our membership, in the lecture series and other programs we offer.

2023-2024 Board of Directors

Suggestions for new Board Directors are welcomed each year. You are invited to participate!

See our nomination form here »

Jim Cupper, President
Karen Matson, Past President

Nancy Kern, Vice President
Susan Eckhardt, Secretary
Janet Thieme, Treasurer
David Brose
Laura Cathcart
Diane Eberts
Michelle Karpinski
Heidi Oberlin
Sally Pritko
Stephanie Robinson
Jim Rojeski
Paula Shelhamer
Julie Taborn
Gay Walker


College students (any major or minor) are invited to apply for a travel scholarship with Art League.

Wahler depARTures Fund

In keeping with speaker Marc-Olivier Wahler’s interest in student/intern travel (November 2018), Art League has created a donor-restricted Marc-Olivier Wahler depARTure Fund (Fund). The Fund will continue to pay out until it has been depleted.

This Fund will subsidize any college student or KIA post-baccalaureate Resident or intern’s participation in an Art League depARTure.

There is no formal report required and no requirement that the college student be enrolled in an art program. Any college or university student or KIA Resident or intern may apply for a day-trip depARTure.

Conditions of the Fund will be: formal written application from student, Resident, or intern to include statement of why support is requested; and a thank you letter submitted to the Art League following the depARTure. The applicant must apply for a specific depARTure.

Want to learn more about how Art League is governed?